10 Tips for Graphic Design Prep

10 Tips for Graphic Design Prep

For Graphic Design Prep allot of people get frustrated and confused by the daunting question of “Do you have an idea about what you are looking for?” Most people will give an idea or two but for the most part really don’t have a concrete idea.

Here are 10 Tips for Graphic Design Prep:

Graphic Design Prep Tip 1:
Google IT!

Look for your overall vision, style and/or theme. Google is a useful tool when trying to find a certain aesthetic design that is pleasing to your eye. You want something that appeals to the largest base and demographic. So there are many styles that accomplish this. Be sure to find some examples or samples to show your graphic designer and point out the things you wish to see. Whether a font, color palette, style, content or overall design scale and size. The more information your graphic designer has the easier and more efficiently he can finish the design.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 2:

I know it is easy with sites like dafont.com to download, install and use a million fonts. However, it is not conducive to actual design to do so. You don’t want to overload simple graphics and ads with 13 fonts of different grade and style. It makes for a overloaded bulky look and style that can be confusing to some. Be sure to keep that in mind.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 3:
Keep It Simple!

What is the old adage? Keep it simple, Stupid! Yes following this rule should be a pre-requisite, but sadly there are still a lot of design being created. Furthermore, this can create an alarming issue. For example, if you try to load six pages of information in a two page brochure making the fonts so tiny that one cannot read it with out a migraine occurring. This is not ideal. So KEEP IT SIMPLE AT ALL COSTS!

Graphic Design Prep Tip 4:
Order is good! Chaos is bad!

Look chaos can be fun when it comes to design, but  you have to realize is most graphic design projects have a purpose and an overall message that needs to be relayed without much distraction. So try and keep order to your design and information.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 5:
Symmetry and Alignment are your friends!

Symmetry and Alignment are pleasing to the human eye, and makes the mind calm. This is mostly what you are trying to accomplish for a good amount of projects for your consumers sake and the message you wish to convey. Just think about seeing one part of a paragraph on the left side of a postcard in center alignment. The continuing paragraph is on the right side in left adjust alignment. That would look weird right!? it distracts therefore no good!

Graphic Design Prep Tip 6:
There is nothing wrong with negative space!

You don’t have to have ever square inch filled with design or text. Let the spaces breath…it’s ok it’s not gonna explode.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 7:
If you don’t succeed try, try again!

Artwork Vision can be tricky. A lot of clients think that on the first try if you don’t succeed they should go with someone else. If that is your motto you will spend 10X the money and 30X the time to maybe never get it right. Take the time to explain changes and alterations. Good business is to get that vision accomplished.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 8:
Frame it!

Framing is making the fonts block out. using graphics, outline strokes, and other elements to draw the eye to the most impertinent information. The goal needs to be accomplished through its purpose.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 9:
Hierarchy makes sense!

Hierarchy of fonts and graphics is crucial to bring the point home. If you had a brochure where all the paragraph text was large and bold with italics and your headings were small and practically invisible most people would choose to not read it. Make sure you have a set hierarchy. Titles are lines that describe whats to be discussed in the next paragraph or used as ex-claimers and notes of interest. Not insipid UN-important scribble.

Graphic Design Prep Tip 10:
Wrighte asd Sp3II Corr3ctly!

Nothing worse than someone who can’t spell correctly. Typing your scripts and content for your graphic design project keep in mind you are trying to come across to a large demographic. Ebonics, Slang, Redneck and other forms of bastardized english; only hurt your chances of reaching your goal. Be concise. Try to be correct. Be understandable. Don’t Pander. Unless your purpose is to hit that specific demographic/market then do as you wish and good luck!

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