Mark 5 Studios Label Design

Most clients look for a company that can offer an efficient process and affordable label design for their products. Many different products need labeling with a fast turn around time. A large part of our clients are supplement/fitness companies. As a result, label design time efficiency is key!

We try to make sure that when designing the art and style for your products it brings the information to life and separates themselves from “common” products on the shelf. We want you to have something unique that saves time and money and effort; which sadly it is lacking in the industry at the moment.

We give you options to custom fit design services to your product needs.


What is a template design?
We create a template design with a style that will overlay over all the product lines therein. Only changes to additional label is information, label size and a concept color. The overall label design and placements stays the same which saves you money in the long run! This is created in illustrator with vector graphics and saved for you as a PDF file type or however your printer wishes.


($75 An Additional Label)


What is stand alone design?
First of all, stand alone design is creating your vision for each one of you individual projects. Furthermore, the labels are designed in illustrator using vector and saved for you as any file type your printer wishes for.

$200 - $400


What is a Conceptual Design?
Most of all, the visually stunning graphic requires more hours. Making something with a specific vision and with heavy detail you need to separate yourselves from the normal everyday label ware. Conceptual artwork is hour intensive and beautifully and painstakingly made to your specifications. Designed in Photoshop for that deep detail in pixel graphics. Dress to Impress your products!

$450 - $1350