Explaining Keywords [Research and SEO]

Explaining Keywords [Research and SEO]

Optimizing your website for Search Engines has been some of the most confusing things for new business owners. Well then if you have done any research about it the word “keywords” comes up quite often.

I know it can be daunting and there is a lot of information, on the topic of “keywords” and “keywords research”, which I implore you to “google” it. Because there is a slew of websites with free information on how to make your website more SEO Friendly! Free is always good!


I am gonna give you a bit of free advice as well. Do not waste time optimizing your site with keywords that no one searches for. There is no point to gaining 3 clicks a year. Also do not choose keywords that are too common or used in your industry either. Otherwise you will be competing for ranking with millions if not billions of other websites with the same keyword usage. It’s just a huge time waster. Your also being logged how many times someone comes across your site during a broad keyword search and doesn’t click on yours.

There are lots of websites which can allow you access to finding the averages on searches for keywords. So, do some research and try and find something that doesn’t have such an over-saturated website listing. Look for a niche group of words related to your business or product/service. Find a way to grab a good amount of people without having so much competition. This way you can grow your organic traffic without having to worry about being buried by the big boys with teams of SEO Specialists. 


It would help to get an actual SEO Specialist involved if you are serious about growing your website to it’s full potential. A great company we use from time to time is Redwall Marketing in Tampa. JR and his team work hard to make every client grow with more ease and they don’t tack on things that you don’t need just to pad the bill. A great team and easy to work with…every client I have sent there says they are GOLD standard. 

You can check out what Redwall Marketing can do for you!


So considering you wish to go the solo route I would suggest using tools like SEO Plugins to help to you along. Yoast SEO Plugin is free so you can manage your pages SEO content with ease through your WordPress site. Now again this is no guarantee or fast track. Again you are working in competition with a lot of other websites. Having a team like Redwall costs but you have the best chance of seeing results with professional SEO Specialists. 

I would again suggest doing research further and find the path that is affordable, efficient and can give you the best results for organic growth in your Search Engine Rankings.

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