Four Ways to Improve your Rankings on Google (SEO)

Four Ways to Improve your Rankings on Google (SEO)

1. Original Creative Content

So many people think that original content can’t exist for the most part. Everything has been done and said. Well as much as that maybe somewhat true…it really isn’t. Create a different view or a different niche to the problem solving. Think of a creative way to display your content within SEO standard guidelines. Reword, re-write and format in a way to make it easily readable and undeniably interesting. People have short attention spans so keep it fairly brief and to the point. Concise thoughts and flow and a firm grasp on your point will lead those to understand better.

Remember your keywords and keyword phrases for SEO. Remember to use style tags, bold, italics and headings to make your content easily navigable.

2. Update Your Website with Fresh Content

Don’t forget to update regularly. the quickest way to be forgotten is to not update pertinent information your user would need. Show change and new content as regularly as possible. Make it a point to show you are active in your website and subsequent social media advertising.

3. Links are important!

Create relevant links within the text. Don’t over use “click here” or “more info” links. Write it out fully and link sentences with keyword phrases. Use relevant outbound links not just within your site but also your social media. You need to inform what the link is and have that carry throughout the click so your rankings will expand.

4. Alt tags are more important than you think

Your Videos and Images need alt tags. They just do. Google Spiders crawl across your site. if you do not have an alt tag with a description telling what is involved in the media or what keywords attached to such media…your are losing rankings. You are just wasting time and get red flagged.

These are only a few of the many methods for improving your search engine ranking. If you want to learn more call us today!

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