What is Graphic Design?

First of all, Graphic design is a communicative design, with forming of visual and text forms to create a project purposed towards a goal. The form takes physical and digital manifestations. Mostly used in promotional materials, physical product labeling, marketing and advertising. Furthermore, Clients tend to have need of graphic design in almost every aspect of their business. Finding an affordable and efficient graphic designer is an important step to completing most goals.

Keep in mind:

Have your purpose ready!

Know what your design needs to be implemented for. Have your deadline and deposit or payment already to start a project. If you can sketch and have a specific vision the more the merrier to help speed your project along. Whatever stock photos you wish used in certain designs make sure you have the appropriate licensing and permissions.

Be prepared!

So many times when a project is started the time delays occur when a client can’t answer questions quickly enough. When you don’t reply it adds time to your project. Make sure your know your deadline will reflect that.

Don’t forget about changes!

Remember when you don’t like something speak out. It may be something that is a quick change which we don’t mind. We wish you to be ecstatic about your design not so-so! We love our clients walking away with happy smiles.

Logo Graphic Design

What is a Logo?
Logo Design or branding is used in expanding a company’s concrete look, feel and style. It usually contains pictures or graphics associated with the company’s business. It also contains a the company name; usually carried by a specific font. Furthermore, if the object is to trademark; then everything involved needs to be created from scratch for intellectual property reasons.


(Digital & Vector Forms)

Promo Graphic Design

What are promotional materials?
Materials used in a promotional purpose to further a company brand. Furthering the spread of the company’s influence . Physical and Digital examples are: Banners, Flyers, Business Cards, Tradeshow Displays, Posters, Web Ads, Social Media Graphics, Website Graphics & other forms of digital/physical media.


(An Hour)

Merch Graphic Design

What is Merchandise?
Creating the design for the promotion/wrapping of products or the products themselves. Examples include: T-Shirts, CD Artwork, Demos, Keychains, Lighters, Boxes, Labels, Wall Art, Fitted Caps & Many other forms of available merchandise.


(An Hour)