Hey it’s Joel Hawkins from Mark 5 Studios welcoming you to the BOSS CORNER! This is the page where I get to put whatever I want! Take a look around: my wall art, music, cinematic score, footage and graphics for sale exclusively with Audio Jungle, Graphic River, Video Hive in the Envato Market and Displate. Thank You all!

Welcome to the BOSS Corner!

Joel Hawkins – In House artistic designer


Wall Art: Superpowers

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Wall Art: Freedom

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Wall Art: Legends

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Joel Hawkins

Being an actual private person in most ways; learning that this text can help the business I am in I knew I had to try. Especially, when it comes to advertising and marketing for SEO.

So…here goes.

When I got my first camera when I was in high school for photography class. Good grades were easy, but realized that I enjoyed figuring things out more than I did actually succeeding by the teachers standards. It was time to experiment and try to actually “photoshop” pictures during the development process. Using the exposure and double exposure routine with fix chemicals created odd looking photos. Almost like my pictures looked as though they were melting. Interestingly enough I enjoyed the trial and error process.

Eventually when I actually came to play with adobe photoshop I was very happy that it was now a lot easier to make the same effect. I went on to learn graphic design and typography and worked at our high school newspaper for a number of years.

Off to college!

Time to head off to college but after the first year decided to not continue my education because I wished to “figure things out”. It was a process but I built a client base of amazing projects.┬áMy whole life I have been a musician who composed, produced and performed a lot of songs throughout the years. Which was at the very least a huge motivation for me to learn all of these avenues. As these are the most expensive in cost when it comes to being a musician.

I love design!

Needless to say, I wanted to expand even further. I started learning how to code, and cut graphics I created to make websites. It was a fun time and even though the world changed very quickly and soon programs started taking over most of the workload it became apparent that there was more learning to be done.

Time to learn Video!

Beginning to familiarize myself with pre and post production of video I enjoyed even more than I thought I would. Researching and testing out different shots and subsequently editing this test videos was a learning experience to say the least.

My team and I made commercials, music videos, promo videos, live performance videos, infomercials, and short films. I still wanted to do more and learn more.

Current day!

Now working with other like minded individuals on my team; I am able to finish beautiful, efficient, affordable projects for my clientele. I hope I get to work with as many people in as many fields so i can satiate this need to be challenged and learn more.

– Thank You for Reading –