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Brochure Websites and eCommerce Websites alike are purposeful in selling and expanding your brand to your specific needs. All content provided by you is designed in a way to please the consumers eye and adhere to modern day devices. Responsive content is keen when dealing with search engines like Google and Yahoo. All of which, is built through the wordpress CMS. We build all graphics custom. Every site comes with basics for SEO. As well as graphics for social media sites. Give us a call today to start your project!

Brochure Websites

What are brochure websites?
Brochure Websites are pages of information based on services and products you provide. Many Brochure websites contain pictures and examples of certain areas of expertise you posses. Therefore, giving your clientele the ability to learn all they can before making a decision on contacting you for their needs. Brochure websites also help with off hours information in case you are closed at the time of inquiry. That way, you don’t have to spend as much time informing your client base.

$850 - $3200

eCommerce Websites

What are eCommerce Websites?
eCommerce Websites purpose are to sell products. Whether, digital downloads or physical shipping of a product to a consumer, this type of website enables a consumer to buy directly from your under your control. This can be accomplished a few ways depending really on your preference. Call to learn more about what Mark 5 Studios can do for you!

$1600 - $4800

What about SEO?

brochure websites and ecommerce websites with mark 5 studios

SEO is extremely important for websites. Think of it like if you had a storefront on a side street…you would need advertising and marketing to bring awareness of your stores location up among the citizens of that area. Well with a website you are competing with billions of other sites all vying for attention. The fact is it sometimes it can seem daunting and hopeless, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Our sole purpose is to help you achieve success in your business with strategies to manage your business and attract more customers and higher profits.”   -JR Griggs

An SEO specialist like JR Griggs can help with rankings on search engines like google just by doing the magic that they at Red Wall Marketing do!