More Tips to Building a Better Website for SEO

More Tips to Building a Better Website for SEO

Remember when working on building an SEO Friendly Website there are alot of DON’Ts. Here are a few of the big ones:


A splash page is a horrendous choice for a website seeking higher rankings on Google. Big banner images stating click to enter might have a nice feel for you but for google spider bots crawling across you site it is website death. Sure you may have meta tags and data but without content and paragraphs of information and keywords pertaining to your purpose for a website. It is nothing more than a pointless en-devour. Your home page is your window from a consumer to the complete site. An index page if you will of little spots of information fully explained on other pages linked in the navigation. Without that you page it is just a picture. Not useful and really not that impressive.


Yes flash menus look great and fancy and bring a certain air of beauty to a website. If that is your purpose then keep them. However, if you are actually trying to get more business by using your website as a tool instead of a pretty frame for your content then by all means burn them away and salt the earth. Web spiders read code and text not embedded flash menus. Its gibberish to them. They can’t understand them so they flag them as useless and flash menus being useless means you have no centered navigation for the spider bot to crawl. Effectively, ending your websites ability to have a purpose.


Now ajax is fairly newer than flash but it has the same principles to a web spider. It loads dynamically. Means it can’t be indexed by spiderbots. Looks pretty but again cannot be indexed and read.


It’s really simple. You want a website that works with search engines. Don’t ever use flash anything. No menus, flash Videos, flash Menus. Just No FLASH ANYTHING!¬† [Why did the spider cross the road so quickly cause a flash video was in front of him he didn’t care for it.]


Please stop taking the keywords you have chosen and pasting them in every possible setting on each page. You have to have organic and purposed use. If you cake to many of the same keyword it does nothing but make your content confusing and illegible.

Also don’t stuff your title tags. Just repeating words sounds like it’s a no brain-er, but I have to say this still happens quite often.

Bad Example: “Photography in photography about photography in photographs Jason Mires”

Better Example: “Jason Mires Photography – Collaborative Pictures at Corporate Events”


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