What “NOT to DO” when building a website

What “NOT to DO” when building a website

DON’T #1: Cheating

You can’t beat google. You can’t pay to beat google. There are huge rooms filled with people with PHD’s figuring out all the ways customers could abuse or cheat the system to gaining conversions to website sales. They have thought of it all. They will know when you are cheating. If you get banned then all the work you have done to grow your rankings and expand your brand would have been all for nothing. You cannot out smart them ever. Do not listen to other designers and websites and apps trying to sell you on quick and massive rankings and sales. It is a way for them to make quick cash off of you. There are no shortcuts.

DON’T #2: Change your keywords

Research your keywords thoroughly at the beginning then stick with them. Every time you change page keywords you place that page in a loss of rankings. Use them in your headlines and meta tags but remember to not over use them.

DON’T #3: Copy others work

Do not copy others content or try and forge another article on your site. It’s bad taste for sure but the real reason is google and other search engines will recognize the plagerization. It will nto end well for you. You need original content for your website.


DON’T #4: Forget about the Home page

Your home page is the key to your site being found by search engines. It should summarize the rest of the site, and give a clear, compelling reason for a user to look at the other pages in the site.

DON’T #5: Use Plain Permalinks


Using plain permalinks is a waste. Sure, you have an easy to remember page title, but you lose possible ways of gains in better rankings. Have title tags written out with the keywords you’ve researched and the purpose of the actual page written in the permalink. It will help you on your organic rise to great google rankings.

DON’T #6: Forget about Alt tags

Every single image and video on your site should have an Alt tag describing what is happening in said video or image. Throw in a few keywords that have to do with that description as well. You don’t want to be red flagged.

DON’T #7: Forget about sitemaps

Be sure to create an XML file of your sitemap to provide for google. It will help with your google rankings. The easier it is to crawl across your site the better. Also make sure you put a bottom navigation of your pages in the footer. people hate to scroll back up to change a page.

DON’T #8: Design just for Search Engines

The algorithms and spider bots crawling across your site’s purpose is to gather intel for humans. not robots. Alot of people make these sites perfect for SEO. However when a human arrives at your site and it looks like a website built in the early stage of the internet. Your not going to garner much conversions to actual clients or customers. Look dependable, Reliable, Safe and Interesting that is key to conversions.

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